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AGCoin: The Tokenization of Silver on the Blockchain

by CoinEsper
AgCoin Tokenizing Silver

PRESS RELEASE – AGC ENTERPRISE is pleased to announce the launch of AGCoin which aims to tokenize the world’s silver and create continuous liquidity across the silver community. AGC Enterprise is distinguished in the precious metals tech sector by a combined experience spanning 120 years in mining, metals, finance and technology development.

Left to right – Oscar Jarquin, Co-Founder, Martin Mobarak, Founder, CEO

AGCoin launched at the 14th Sir Anthony Ritossa Global Family Investment Summit in Dubai where AGC team hosted the Pre-Summit Sunset Networking Reception on Sunday 28th March.

The event was organized under the high patronage of the Ministry of Economy in presence of his Excellency Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, UAE.

Left to right – Ciprian Filip, Oscar Jarquin, Sir Anthony Ritossa, Martin Mobarak, Omar Mobarak

We are tokenizing silver deposits in the AGC vault and staking more silver out of our silver mining operations. We have had a successful event and have proven our business model with our matrix of partners. Silver holders are happy to send their silver to AGC Vault network and get immediate access to liquidity. Likewise, mining & metals executives feel relief by joining AGC mining consortium and finance their mining operations with the AGC staking program. We are incentivizing our community with a Vault dAPP where everyone can instantly send, receive, borrow against, stake or swap AGC with other cryptocurrencies. We are aiming to create a stable peer-to-peer finance ecosystem around silver holders,” said Martin MobarakFounder and CEO of AGCoin.

AgCoin Founder and CEO Martin Mobarak live on stage at 14th Edition of Sir Anthony Ritossa Family Office Global Conference, in Dubai, March 2021
Martin Mobarak, Founder, CEO AGC Enterprise

AGCoin is utilizing blockchain technology and addressing an innovative approach running as a parachain in Substrate, inheriting security from the Polkadot ecosystem. It is integrating a newly developed multi-asset pallet, specifically designed for asset-backed tokens.

Underpinning AGCoin’s platform is a focus on regulation. Switzerland being the platform’s primary jurisdiction to better align a compliant approach that fits the long term project development goals while addressing clarity and promoting transparency around the AGC community.

Until the release of Polkadot tokens, AGC is a BEP-20 compliant token, on the Binance Smart Chain and can be added via the following contract address: 0x865CafdFE0c9EBF0707E4b6f63bf31b724C9d707

We recommend using TrustWallet for AGC deposits.

Stay tuned for our upcoming airdrop and bounty campaign where a 2% AGC token allocation will be distributed to our supporters for accomplishing tasks and helping the community grow.

To participate in the airdrop simply sign up at AgCoin.io and wait for the related updates and on our Telegram and Medium channels.

For any other inquire please write us at [email protected]

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