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Blocksquare Token (BST): Tokenizing Real Estate

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Blocksquare token

Blocksquare is a developer of blockchain-based tokenization system for commercial real estate properties. Its vision is to provide real estate businesses the world’s leading blockchain-based real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, issuance, sale, distribution, management, tracking, and trade of tokenized properties. In this post we’ll dig down into the native Blocksquare token that powers the ecosystem, BST

Blocksquare Token

The Blocksquare Token BST is a utility token powering Blocksquare’s ecosystem.

When staked via Oceanpoint, Blocksquare’s DeFi protocol, it awards holders with Staked BST (sBST) — a token used by the community to vote on Oceanpoint related decisions.

Where to Find the Price of BST

You can check out the latest price of BST here:

BST – CoinMarketCap

Where to Buy BST

BST can be bought on a number of popular decentralized exchanges such as

1inch: https://go.blocksquare.io/1inch

Matcha: https://go.blocksquare.io/matcha

Uniswap: https://go.blocksquare.io/uniswap

Blocksquare Tokenomics

What is BST Token?

The tokenomics of BST are as below:

Blocksquare Tokenomics

In addition to BST, there is also sBST

What is sBST Token?

sBST can be obtained by participating in the Governance pool on Oceanpoint, a revenue-sharing mechanism that rewards BST holders with additional BST when they deposit their tokens in it.

By staking BST, you will get sBST, a tokenized share of the Governance pool that enables you to vote on protocol proposals.

Discounts for Marketplace Partners

The Blocksquare Token is a digital asset that aligns incentives and identifies clients who share their vision and long term goals.

For this reason, clients who stake BST in the Governance pool found on Oceanpoint are eligible for some fine discounts when becoming a marketplace operator i.e. Certified Partner.


The Blocksquare Token BST is the governance token that serves as the basis for the Oceanpoint ecosystem. BST holders To vote on proposals posted on Snapshot, BST holders need to first deposit and stake their tokens in the Governance pool. Staking also enables BST holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows.

Learn more on Blocksquare’s token and tokenomics here.

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