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Coinmetro Review 2022: Everything You Need to Know

by CoinEsper
Coinmetro review

When you’re looking for a crypto exchange to buy and sell digital assets, there are a number of things that need to be considered. What are the fees? Will there be support if I hit an issue? What tokens can I buy and sell on the platform? In this review, we’ll take a walkthrough of Coinmetro and find out why this should be everyone’s go-to cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinmetro Ease of Use

Coinmetro is a great crypto exchange for beginners and pros.

For beginners, there’s a simple swap widget where you can exchange USD, GBP, AUD, or EURO into any cryptocurrency on the platform and you’re good to go.

You can even exchange from crypto to crypto with ease.

Swapping crypto made easy on Coinmetro

For my seasoned crypto buyers and sellers, there’s everything you need to trade with confidence on a more in-depth tab including margin trading for those that need it.

Coinmetro Fees

When buying and selling crypto, most exchanges will charge big fees for the pleasure. Coinmetro has some of the lowest fees in the business therefore when you trade you end up with more crypto in your pocket.

That’s a winner for me!

Click the link to find a full break-down of Coinmetro’s fees.

Coinmetro and Customer Experience

After using Coinmetro for over 5 years, I can highly recommend that users receive not only first-class customer service but world class customer service. Coinmetro is the only exchange at the time of writing that has live chat support answer in minutes 24/7, 365 days a year.

Customer support is front and center at all times.

Here is an example of a review from Trustpilot:

Click the link if you’d like to dig further into Coinmetro’s reviews over there.

Coinmetro FLUX Staking

One great feature of Coinmetro is that it offers lots of passive income opportunities while you hold crypto on their platform. One of the most popular is staking FLUX.

FLUX is the new generation of scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure and a popular token to buy, sell and stake on Coinmetro.

To explore passive income opportunities on Coinmetro I’ve dropped a link in the section below to get started.

Coinmetro Review Wrapped Up

If you’re looking for a safe crypto exchange, with a huge range of tokens, passive income opportunities, low fees,and world-class support then look no further than Coinmetro.

As a long-time advocate and customer of these guys, they have kindly provided me with a special code which means my readers get $10 USD totally free when they buy and sell 1OO euros of crypto – feel free to jump on it while stocks last. If you like Coinmetro, drop me a shout-out on Twitter, I love to hear direct from my readers.

Join Coinmetro today and get a free $10 – yes, please!

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