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CoinMetro Review 2023: Crypto Exchange Guide

by CoinEsper
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This Coinmetro review will outline why this exchange is one that you need to visit.

The cryptocurrency marketplace is filled with many different options to exchange digital assets. Choosing the right exchange can be a challenge. Coinmetro is a great option for your trading needs. It’s safe, regulated and is on a growth curve to becoming one of the go-to exchanges for all traders across the globe.

Coinmetro — why it’s different?

One of the most significant features of Coinmetro is that every trader is covered. Whether you’re a beginner in crypto or pro, a seasoned trader or buying your first bitcoin, the Coinmetro platform will suit your needs.

The exchange is differentiated into different areas depending on how much information you need.

An exchange for all needs

The beginner trader

For beginner traders, Coinmetro has an easy to understand dashboard. This makes the process of buying and selling your favourite crypto super easy.

Coinmetro Dashboard Buy/Sell is the easiest way to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Here you can use any of your fiat currencies to buy any of Coinmetro’s listed cryptocurrencies. You can also sell any of your cryptocurrencies back to fiat.

There is no fee, a fixed price is offered and valid for 30 seconds.

Coinmetro has fiat on and off ramps for EUR, USD, GBP and AUD, currently. Check here for up to date fiat options.

If you’re a new trader and keen to jump in, sign up here. If not, read on for more of our Coinmetro review.

The pro trader

Need more detail for your trades?

Coinmetro’s Exchange Platform allows a trader to buy and sell cryptocurrency with more control and data available. There is a learning curve, but the exchange platform is very easy to use for the basic trading features and more advanced features can be enabled.

Margin trading

For those who graduate to the higher levels of trading risk versus reward, Coinmetro has a world-class margin trading platform.

Margin trading is a type of trading that allows you to trade borrowed assets using leverage. You can trade larger values than your available funds.

For example, if we had an open position at 2X leverage with $100 of your own money, we would also trade with another $100 from a “lender” on the platform totalling $200.

It also allows you to short (sell) assets you don’t own, in anticipation of buying them back later at a lower price and keeping the difference as profit.

Using margin trading can lead to impressive gains however it should be noted that losses can also be amplified by the same measure.

Coinmetro review – what is XCM?

The XCM token is the Coinmetro exchange’s native token. XCM tokens can safely be stored in your Coinmetro account, but it is also possible to withdraw XCM to any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

The purpose of the XCM token is to offer benefits and value to users of the exchange and to continue expanding the use cases with all of Coinmetro’s existing and upcoming products.

The most important use case for the XCM token is that it is directly tied in with the platform activity and automatically contributes to the demand of XCM:

  • 100% of all fees on the platform will be used to purchase XCM directly from the market, on a regular basis.
  • 1-50% (based on different factors) of each XCM fee conversion will be vaulted for 4 years, taken out of the circulating supply. As platform usage increases, so will the demand of the XCM token.

When XCM is held and locked on the exchange, it also gives trading discounts through rebates.

Find out more here on how to buy XCM.

What else is Coinmetro offering?

With so much competition, why does this one deserve your attention? After using the service and from our detailed CoinMetro review, there are several key reasons.

24/7 support

Gone are the days where support tickets sit idly on an exchange’s systems while you get increasingly frustrated that your digital assets are lost in cyberspace.

Our Coinmetro review included testing their support service. After testing for several months, it is second to none and in this regard it’s unique to the crypto industry.

Their customer support is available around the clock and ready to assist you with anything you might need.

To contact their live chat support, just click the blue chat bubble visible in the bottom right corner of any CoinMetro page.

Someone famous once said that a good reputation takes years to create and only a few seconds to destroy.

Coinmetro is positioning themselves to be the number one provider of outstanding customer experience from buying a digital asset to trading and selling it.

This is the type of service that the crypto space needs.


In the crypto industry, bad actors with limited regard for regulation, are being rooted out. This will continue to increase as compliance becomes increasingly important. Why should we care?

The huge danger is that if the crypto exchange, where we store our funds, goes into liquidation, then we lose all of our assets and gains we’ve accrued.

That’s why we need exchanges like Coinmetro:

We are not a crypto company, we are a traditional financial institution that understands the complexities and benefits of blockchain and crypto. We are actively working with regulators in a number of jurisdictions to further improve the industry’s regulatory framework.

Below are some of the regulators that Coinmetro is registered with.

CoinMetro and regulation

Through regulated and compliant exchanges, you are taking the best bet to make sure that you safeguard yourself against the pitfalls that have beset other exchanges.

With the safety that Coinmetro offers, the user is responsible concerning meeting the requirement for personal verification. The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are robust.

KYC is quick, easy and allows you to trade safe in the knowledge that your hard-earned gains are safe.

Coinmetro community

From the top to the bottom, Coinmetro is the best cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange on the market today.

The guy heading the operation (Kevin Murcko) is a true thought leader in the space.

Kevin is live on-air every Friday started to answer community questions during a weekly live AMA session on Youtube.

It’s possible to ask Kevin anything via the Youtube live chat or by leaving a question in the weekly Reddit thread.

These sessions are not only thought-provoking but give an insight into how to navigate the world of crypto and ultimately make money.

One thing that you’ll learn about Kevin is that this guy doesn’t just see the surface of the pond, but right down the bottom and back up.

He has, and is, building something truly unique in Coinmetro.

Here’s the background on Kevin Murcko, CEO.

A Crypto Enthusiast before the term was even a “thing”, Kevin brought transparency to Forex via his unique FXPIG brand and he continually pushes to close the profit gap between institutional and retail traders. FXPIG is not the largest FX broker, but that is by design based on his vision. It was created to change the industry, and it did just that. FXPIG brought transparency to the forefront and it started a growing trend of client-centric shops that actually focus on their client’s profitability rather than their losses. While FXPIG is still very unique in the FX space, it is proud to see the change it helped foster as it pushes through the industry. Kevin has always been a supporter of in-house tech development and FXPIG remains one of the few companies in FX to develop and trade on their own technology. This mantra is at the core of the CoinMetro philosophy as well. With his sights now set on blockchain, Kevin is ready to guide CoinMetro down a similar path; one that will eventually change the way this market operates.

The community, on Telegram, are backing Kevin big time. There’s a unique vibe within the CoinMetro community and I’d recommend going over there and checking it out.

Coinmetro’s fee structure

CoinMetro fee structure for trading crypto

Let’s see how Coinmetro’s maker and taker fees stack up against other cryptocurrency exchanges in the space:

Maker and taker fees on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinMetro

The winner from this cross-section is Coinmetro so if you want to save on your trading fees then this cryptocurrency exchange is the place to trade.

Copy trading

Don’t fancy yourself as a crypto trader? Looking to diversify your crypto portfolio? Copy Trading is the answer.

Let a pro trader trade on the margin platform for you. When they win, you win.

How it works

It’s free to join with no hidden fees

  1. Simply pick a trader
  2. Add Euro or Bitcoin to mirror their crypto trades
  3. Sit back and let the PRO do the work

Europe’s first security token investment platform

CoinMetro is Europe’s first security token investment platform.

And this is huge. Truly huge. So huge that this will undoubtedly propel CoinMetro on a growth curve unlike any other.

What are security tokens and why invest in them?

Security tokens are, first and foremost, an investment product. These digital assets give investors a stake of the issuing company or the associated rights, such as rights to profits, dividends, or shares of the company’s revenue.

Digital bonds are a vehicle by which companies can issue debt and gain access to financing while their debtors or investors gain access to attractive returns.

Why is this better than traditional securities?

They allow instant settlement and open access to unique companies and projects, while companies have access to a whole new class of investor.

Coinmetro is leading the way in creating a tokenised security marketplace.

This one one of the reasons why I not only use the platform for all my trading needs but will use it for all of my investment needs, too.

I’ll be building my financial future on this platform and I don’t think there’s an equivalent competitor in the space today where I could do the same.

Coinmetro review — wrapped up

Coinmetro is going global and if you’re not already using it, then what are you waiting for? Keep checking back on this post and we’ll continue to keep you updated on how the exchange is evolving. We hope you’ve enjoyed this beginner’s guide on a Coinmetro review. If you’d like to get involved, then feel free to check it using the link at the end of the post. There’s a handy button, on the Coinmetro homepage, that lets you try the exchange without even creating an account so you can get feel whether it suits your trading style.

Click here to learn more – Coinmetro’s official site

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