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What is PARSIQ Ncase

by CoinEsper
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PARSIQ Ncase wallet system

It’s not often a revolutionary technology is created that can disrupt the entire crypto space. Meet PARSIQ Ncase. A revolutionary wallet deployment system, PARSIQ Ncase is set to take the world by storm. Here’s why we think this one is going to be a game-changer.

What is Ncase?

PARSIQ Ncase is a unique wallet deployment system built for any company wanting to receive cryptocurrency from users of their platform.

Wallet creation is instant, infinitely scalable and perfect for both small and large companies.

Most importantly all of this is done with minimal costs.

This is significant as the major fee inducing mechanics plaguing current infrastructure are yet to be solved.

PARSIQ Ncase solves these issues and more.

Who are PARSIQ Ncase Clients?

Here are just a few of clients that are racing to use this tech:

Kevin Murcko, CEO CoinMetro

Decentralized MPC wallet systems are becoming more and more vital as networks become more and more saturated. As an exchange owner, I need to ensure that I can control costs associated with wallet creation and transactional volumes. While other options do exist on the market given the added value of the PARSIQ ecosystem and the team behind the company I am confident they will outshine the competition and keep me a happy customer.

Thiago Cesar, CEO Brztoken.io:

We’ve been working with the people behind PARSIQ for a long time now, and when they told us about this new upcoming wallet service, we jumped at the opportunity. The cost savings alone are a driving factor, but that coupled with monitoring and AML, switching providers was the only logical choice.

How big is PARSIQ Ncase market?

The market that PARSIQ Ncase is entering is huge. The value being transacted is in the billions of USD every month. It’s estimated that the two largest companies in this segment are handling more than 30% of the daily asset transfers.

Note, PARSIQ Ncase can offer a solution that is quicker, easier and cheaper.

We view this like a company entering the global car industry and announcing they can create a car that is easier to drive, performs better and is significantly cheaper. What would that be worth?

PARSIQ is allowing existing and new companies, entering the crypto sphere, to implement cost-effective services with no hurdles and day to day onboarding. At coinesper.com, we are extremely excited about Ncase. But Ncase is only one cog in the PARSIQ machine. The future is very bright for this pioneer in the blockchain space and it’s one that commands further research.

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