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Which crypto will explode in 2021

by CoinEsper
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Which crypto will explode in 2021

Finding a token that explodes in value is every crypto trader’s ultimate goal. Sorting the diamonds from the rough is no easy task. It usually involves weeks of painstaking research. One of our top picks for a crypto token which will explode in value this year is PARSIQ.

In this post, we will unpack why this is one that you really should check out.

What is PARSIQ?

Based in Estonia, which is quickly becoming a mecca for large-scale crypto companies, PARSIQ has developed a technology that bridges between blockchains and the real world.

In real-time, the platform monitors on-chain events and triggers actions based on the data.

The PRQ token powers the ecosystem and it has the potential to be used by the largest companies and millions of users who want to communicate up-to-date information online.

Why is this crypto going to 100x?

The world today has a significant problem in connectivity between isolated decentralized chains and centralized databases. And PARSIQ solves this.

Wait…do projects like LINK and BAND not already do this?

The answer to this would be no – they don’t. They only handle the real-world-to-blockchain half of the equation. They are not complete.

PARSIQ’s technology handles the blockchain-to-real-world half. And in addition, they are also developing reverse triggers which will enable the entire cycle of real-world data moving on-chain and then trigger off-chain events.

This is a game-changer!

Why PARSIQ will be a top 10 project

PARSIQ is creating the future of blockchain

Already with over 30,000 registered users and the largest DeFi and centralized companies flocking to make use of this technology, the scope of the opportunity at PARSIQ is difficult to imagine. We see this as a highly convincing opportunity to be part of a 100x project.

If you’d like to buy PARSIQ, then head over to CoinMetro to buy PRQ with the lowest fees.

This is our top pick for a crypto which will explode in 2021.


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