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5 Bizarre Bitcoin Stories You May Not Have Heard

by CoinEsper
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bizarre Bitcoin stories

The world is still getting to grips with cryptocurrency. Many are still unaware of what exactly it is (or how to use it), and there are plenty of niche cryptocurrency words, phrases, concepts and facts to learn along the way for a better understanding. But in the strange space in which leading crypto Bitcoin currently exists — somewhere between massively influential and a sleeping world disruptor — there are also a lot of fairly bizarre Bitcoin stories flying under the radar.

These are five that have caught our attention.

There’s a fortune buried in Wales

If we think back to the days of roving kings and lords in Roman and medieval times, it’s only logical to wonder if there are multiple fortunes buried around Wales. But in this case, we’re not referring to ancient artefacts and precious metals, but rather to a single server that’s absolutely loaded with Bitcoin, and which — we think — is lost somewhere in or under a trash dump.

In 2017, we learned of a man who accidentally threw out enough Bitcoin to be worth about $108 million, at that time. The man, James Howells, had purchased some 7,500 bitcoins when the price was cheap and allowed his hard drive to be thrown out by mistake. Howells traced his trash pickup to a dump in Wales, but as far as we’re aware, never recovered the hard drive.

Someone tried to sell mammoth tusks

Why anyone would need ancient woolly mammoth tusks is an open question. But back in 2014, headlines emerged about a man in Vancouver who was in possession of such tusks and was trying to sell them for 275 bitcoins.

The tusks were said to weigh over 100 pounds each and were supposedly uncovered during a gold mining operation.

The Bitcoin hitman conundrum

Not all Bitcoin stories have a positive spin. That’s the case with the story of an Italian woman who used Bitcoin to hire a hitman

There have been a many cases where Bitcoin has been used for illegal activities throughout the years, but this failed murder plot is one of the strangest.

The arranged hit was intended for the woman’s boyfriend (love really does hurt, in this case). The deal went south and the Denmark native was found guilty resulting in six years of prison time.

On top of this, the woman also lost her resident privileges in Denmark, her home for over three decades.

Someone bought a pizza for $81 million, kind of

Way back in 2010, when most people didn’t even know what Bitcoins were, a man bought two pizzas with 10,000 of them. It goes to show the staggering difference in where Bitcoin started and where it is now.

If the man had kept those bitcoins, they’d have been worth today over $230 million!

Let’s hope it was a good pizza….

The “Mark of the Beast” theory

This is a ridiculous theory and not one we don’t mean to breathe air into, but it’s still worth mentioning as one of the more bizarre Bitcoin stories out there.

Basically, there’s something called the “Mark of the Beast” from the Book of Revelations. It alludes to a sort of mark people will need at End Times in order to purchase things in whatever place comes next.

Somehow, factions of people online have emerged who believe Bitcoin is the “Mark of the Beast.” Believe it or not, some are even implanting tiny chips containing Bitcoin wallets into their hands — just in case.

Bizarre Bitcoin stories wrapped up

And that’s our Bizarre Bitcoin Stories You Might Not Have Heard. If you liked this post, why not give it a share using the buttons below.

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