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Earn Money with Crypto Affiliate Programs

by CoinEsper
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earn money as a crypto affiliate

Over the past year, I’ve experienced something that I’ve never experienced before as an affiliate using crypto affiliate programs — and that’s significant income! I’ve tried them all: Binance, Ledger Nano, Coinbase, Coinmama and the list goes on. Today, I’m going to let you into a secret. And that’s how and where I supercharged my affiliate income so strap in and let me show you how.

Crypto affiliate programs and the big bucks

For me, it started with leveraging an audience that I carefully built up over the years. As the founder of a popular crypto blog (a precursor to CoinEsper.com), which I’ve now sold, I had an inbuilt audience and a warm mailing list. This always helps.

Even with the luxury of ready traffic, I couldn’t always get the financial success I was searching for with the likely affiliate program candidates such as Binance and Coinbase.

They were already saturated. For the early affiliates, they were golden. But no longer. They were dark rabbit holes that were a waste of time and energy.

Additionally, many crypto affiliate schemes offer one-off payments maybe 5 or 10 dollars for signing someone up (paid once they’ve hit a certain deposit amount). This sounds great, but it’s not the route to recurring profit every month.

What we need is a chunky slice of your sign-ups trading fees, every month, for life.

That’s the secret sauce!

Surely there are no crypto affiliate schemes like that any more?

What if I told you there was a platform which has all of these ingredients for you to make serious gains — interested?

It’s CoinMetro Exchange and let me tell you why.

First, here’s a little bit about CoinMetro if it’s new to you. CoinMetro is a regulated exchange that covers all traders from beginner to pro. It’s new, it’s cool and it’s ready for you.

If you need a more in-depth review on CoinMetro you can check it out here, or if you want to get closer to that affiliate pot of gold, then read on…

CoinMetro cryptocurrency review homepage

Here’s the low down on why it should be your number one choice as a cryptocurrency affiliate.

  1. This exchange isn’t saturated. It’s on the verge of a huge marketing push and scaling up. This means that you can get in when the opportunities are optimal – before the crowd arrives.
  2. It has the best affiliate rates in the entire crypto space. 40% of what CoinMetro makes on your traders is yours. FOR LIFE!
  3. If you sign up sub-affiliates you get 10% of what CoinMetro makes on your referrals. FOR LIFE!

Check out the competition below:

Image for post

If you’re into making passive income, then CoinMetro is the top choice.

How to drive those sign ups

Maybe you don’t have a website, but don’t let that hold you back.

How you do it is up to you. Are you great at writing? Can you do excellent video tutorials? Do you belong to an active network of crypto traders?

Places such as Linkedin, Medium, Quora, Twitter and Facebook are awesome and free platforms to promote CoinMetro on and sign up traders to one of the safest exchanges in the world.

Remember when you sign up other affiliates you earn from them, too. A snowballing effect which magnifies your gains.

Leverage your channels, test what works best and repeat!

How to earn an income as a crypto affiliate

Now you know the secret. An unsaturated exchange that’s about to go global and has industry-leading affiliate rewards!

I hope this helps you and I wish you the best of luck at CoinMetro.

Sign up today at CoinMetro and join me on the journey

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