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How to Own a Piece of a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

by CoinEsper
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Invest in a cryptocurrency exchange

Ever wanted to own a slice of a thriving business? To be in on the ground floor of a project that has the potential to be a global player on the FinTech scene? If so, then this opportunity, that I will share with you today on ‘how to own a piece of a cryptocurrency exchange’, could be just the ticket you’ve been looking for.

Own a piece of CoinMetro exchange

First, let’s take a look at the platform – CoinMetro.

CoinMetro is a cryptocurrency exchange that is evolving into an entire financial ecosystem. It provides state of the art trading tools, 24/7 support, instant fiat onboarding in four major fiat currencies (USD, GBP, AUD and EUR), easy fiat to crypto swaps and passive income products.

CoinMetro now also offers the opportunity for you to own a slice of the exchange from as little as 10 Euros through the CoinMetro Bond.

What are the benefits of buying into CoinMetro?

The CoinMetro bond pays 8-12% annual interest over a fixed two-year term.

The amount of interest you will receive depends on whether you were one of the ICO contributors or which XCM Rebates Tier you belong to.

The interest payments are paid daily right back into your CoinMetro account balance.

If you at any point want to cash out and keep your daily interest, then the bond can be sold on CoinMetro’s secondary market.

If you keep the bonds for the two years, then there are two options to further develop your assets.

Imagine investing in Coinbase equity back in 2013. This was not an option for average investors. In fact, this was an option for only a select few with deep pockets. Today Coinbase is worth €8 billion.

What does the future look like for CoinMetro

The growth of the platform to date has been stratospheric and it continues to expand at an exponential rate.

Here’s what the future looks like:

CoinMetro’s future growth verticals

Should I go for it?

There is no doubt that this currently is a unique opportunity. CoinMetro is doing things no other cryptocurrency trading platform is doing…or thinking about. They are truly carving a path in digital asset and wealth creation which makes them a company of significant interest to us at coinesper.com. This is an interesting opportunity that is worthy of further research.

As always, remember to conduct your own due diligence. You can visit their website for a full rundown of risks versus reward. This is always the first port of call of an informed investor.

Visit the CoinMetro Bond Page here

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