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What US Crypto Exchange has the Cheapest Fees

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What US Crypto Exchange has the Cheapest Fees

We have all been there. Trading on a crypto exchange with sky-high fees. The higher the fees on the exchange, the less money in our pockets. Paying over the top fees is something that the savvy investor doesn’t need to do. Here we look at which exchange, serving US customers, has the lowest fees and why you should buy and sell your crypto there.

Lowest fees in crypto for US clients

If you haven’t come across it yet, Coinmetro is a rapidly growing crypto exchange in the US. And yes, it really does have the lowest fees – anywhere, period.

From trading fees, to deposit and withdrawal fees, Coinmetro boasts fees that cannot be found elsewhere.

Check out Coinmetro’s complete fee structure including deposits & withdrawals here.

What US crypto exchange has the cheapest fees – it’s Coinmetro!

How do I fund my account?

When trading crypto, it’s important to be able to move fast. Time really is money.

Users can INSTANTLY fund their Coinmetro accounts with USD through ACH transfers. This is achieved through Plaid integration.

Plaid is a trusted third party which allows you to log in to your bank through the Coinmetro interface, so you do not have to leave the exchange to make a deposit.

Coinmetro also provides the option for WIRE transfers, including international transfers via SWIFT, in case your bank does not support ACH just yet.

What assets can I trade?

Coinmetro has the most commonly traded assets for you to buy and sell.

Here are the current USD pairs on the exchange:

If your favourite asset is not on that list, then let the Coinmetro 24/7 support team know what you’d like to see, or drop by the Coinmetro Telegram.

Additionally, they also research, curate and list lesser-known projects which have the potential to be blockchain blockbusters.

A US crypto exchange with the best support

Most crypto exchanges fail to respond to customer problems effectively. It’s an inherent problem in the crypto space. Coinmetro is redefining this customer experience.

Customer support tickets are answered on live chat in under two minutes on average. This is unheard of in most industries.

Check out Coinmetro’s reviews on Trustpilot.

A US Crypto exchange that is safe and compliant

One of the most important aspects of trading is choosing a platform wisely with a safe experience in mind.

Coinmetro works with regulators and are registered with the SEC in the US.

As part of the United States Department of the Treasury, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network exists to combat illicit use & money laundering. This is important for national security and it is something that Coinmetro takes very seriously.

*** As the US is a big place, Coinmetro is unable to serve residents from HI, WA or NY states. Relevant licenses are being gained soon to ensure all states get access to use the platform.***

In summary, Coinmetro is the US crypto exchange that has the cheapest fees. On top of that, it has the best customer service in the crypto space and is fully compliant with regulators to provide the best trading experience. If you’d like to save money on fees when buying crypto, then visit Coinmetro below.

Visit Coinmetro here

*** We may receive a small fee if you click through on the above link. This supports our website and helps us create and deliver content focused on people having a great experience in the crypto-sphere – we thank you in advance.***

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