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PARSIQ Review 2021: Blockchain Monitoring

by CoinEsper
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This PARSIQ review will give you a quick introduction into this powerhouse blockchain platform.

It would be no surprise if you’ve recently come across this blockchain company. PARSIQ’s progress in 2020 has been nothing less than stellar. They continue to develop into one of the most exciting blockchain technology platforms in the crypto space. Here’s the low-down on what PARSIQ do, why they do it and why it’s one that you should check out.

Blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform

PARSIQ serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

The future is big data and this is where PARSIQ comes in with its monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Real-time monitoring

PARSIQ allows the monitoring of any events and digital asset transfers on various blockchains in real-time at scale.

Workflows made easy

Workflows such as calculating turnovers, formatting data and a diverse range of business logic outputs can be generated.

Not only can PARSIQ automate workflows that are currently handled manually but they can also aggregate data from different sources.

PARSIQ complex workflows overview

Why PARSIQ is demonstrating explosive growth?

When the investing public discovered that PARSIQ could connect a host of different blockchains, while simultaneously supporting a wide range of communication channels, their growth commercially was rapid. People sat up and listened.

Add this to the ability to connect to any web service allowing users to create automation between blockchain and off-chain, all without writing a single line of code, then their future was solidified.

The future for PARSIQ is huge.

PARSIQ and their customers

It not only is PARSIQ’s future that is bright but also PARSIQ’s customer’s futures, too. These customers are adopting their technology rapidly to bring cryptocurrency to mass adoption.

Take, for example, BC Vault.

BC vault is a state-of-the-art hardware wallet with industry-defining features for secure crypto storage.

PARSIQ’s solution now monitors BC Vault wallets in real-time, with instant notifications of all transactions for users.

Dmitry Fedotov, business development director at BC Vault, commented:

“Our collaboration with PARSIQ is yet another unique partnership that gives us a competitive advantage in the market, as no other cold wallet provider has the ability to provide real-time notifications and transaction analysis to their users.”

It’s this real-world adoption which demonstrates the value proposition of this exciting start-up.

PARSIQ tokenomics

The PRQ token powers PARSIQ’s platform.

A user of the platform will need to be holding PRQ tokens. The more actions they want to monitor on-chain, the more PRQ they will need to hold in their Ethereum wallet.

This will lead to a constant buy pressure on the token and should lead to significant future gains in the token value.

Users of the platform can also create Public Projects which other users can subscribe to. This adds a gamification element to the PRQ token.

When a user subscribes to an automation workflow, they pay a small fee to the creator.

PARSIQ’s tokenomics are currently at Epoch 2.0. A summary can be seen below:

Click here for a full up to date explanation of PARSIQ’s tokenomics.

PARSIQ and Ncase

In December 2020, PARSIQ announced the launch of Ncase, an infinitely scalable & cost-effective wallet system.

This product will allow any company, whether centralized or decentralized, to accept cryptocurrency payments faster and cheaper than any current competitor on the marketplace.

Ncase has the ability to be a game-changer and it’s another area of PARSIQ that shows tremendous growth potential for the future. Click here to review PARSIQ’s full road map of future developments.

Where to buy PARSIQ

CoinMetro, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges, provided PARSIQ’s Primary Issuance.

Primary Issuances are those that list an asset publicly for the first time, meaning that the asset in question is not available to the public elsewhere or on any other platform at the time of listing.

Since CoinMetro and PARSIQ’s collaboration, CoinMetro has become a go-to exchange for trading PARSIQ’s native token (PRQ).

In fact, CoinMetro is one of the safest and most exciting digital asset exchange on the market today.

Buying PARSIQ (PRQ) on CoinMetro
Buying PRQ on CoinMetro

If you’d like to buy, sell or grow your PARSIQ portfolio, I’d recommend heading on over today and starting your journey on CoinMetro or check out our easy to follow, step by step guide to buying PRQ.

PARSIQ review wrapped up

PARSIQ is a robust, powerful and intuitive software platform that connects real-time blockchain transactions, data and events with web services. It’s an exciting platform that is embarking on a new frontier of technology and has a foot in the door of the next generation of blockchain applications

Buy PRQ on CoinMetro here and get 5 euros free on us after 50 euros deposit and 250 euros trading volume while stocks last (Easy!)

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