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4 Crypto Projects to Watch in 2021

by CoinEsper
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4 crypto projects to watch in 2021

This article will uncover some crypto projects to watch in 2021 and why there are worthy of your research and due diligence.

Picking the right cryptocurrencies for further research is never easy. Picking the right cryptocurrencies for investment is even more challenging. With more than 6000 altcoins on the marketplace, the range of choice is vast. Proponents and opponents of different projects often have compelling arguments on which ones are going to ascend like a rocket into the stratosphere and which ones are going to crash and burn in their own hype fuel. We decided to put the question to Crypto Twitter and get a feel for some crypto projects to watch in 2021.

Crypto projects to watch as nominated by Crypto Twitter

The tweet was crafted, written, polished and posted. The question posed, ‘what should be the next small-cap altcoin to throw a light on?’ The suggestions came in.

We reviewed some of the most popular and here are the ones which stood out and why.

1. Quant Network

Quant Network was an overwhelmingly popular choice for a crypto project to watch in 2021. Quant has developed Overledger OS – the world’s first distributed ledger technology (DLT) operating system for enterprise that delivers interoperability between different DLTs, as well as existing platforms, business applications and networks.

The value of blockchain technology is exponentially increased when different blockchains are cost-effectively and efficiently integrated and interconnected.

The Overledger OS is aiming to interoperate as many blockchains as required. New possibilities and new benefits will therefore be realised.

The real-world use cases of Quant are being exemplified through many potent partnerships. For example, SIA achieved blockchain interoperability goal with Quant Network. This integration provides the ability to bridge permissioned blockchain between SIAchain’s 580 European network nodes and other external networks. Previously, these could not be connected.

Quant looks like a global superstar of the future. Check out our step by step easy to follow guide to buying Quant.

To learn more about Quant visit their project here.


PARSIQ serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

The future is big data and this is where PARSIQ comes in with its monitoring and reporting capabilities:

Real-time monitoring

PARSIQ allows the monitoring of any events and digital asset transfers on various blockchains in real-time at scale.

Workflows made easy

Workflows such as calculating turnovers, formatting data and a diverse range of business logic outputs can be generated.

Not only can PARSIQ automate workflows that are currently handled manually but they can also aggregate data from different sources.

Why PARSIQ is demonstrating explosive growth?

When the investing public discovered that PARSIQ could connect a host of different blockchains, while simultaneously supporting a wide range of communication channels, their growth commercially was huge. People sat up and listened.

Add this to the ability to connect to any web service allowing users to create automation between blockchain and off-chain, all without writing a single line of code, then their future was solidified.

The future for PARSIQ is huge. If you’re interested in buying PRQ, then follow our step by step guide or check out our deep dive review on PARSIQ.

To learn more about PARSIQ visit their website here.

3. Hathor

Hathor is a transactional consensus platform comprised of a novel architecture. It’s based on concepts from both Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and blockchain technologies combined.

Hathor is a scalable platform on which anyone can create their own token in a matter of minutes.

You don’t need to know about “gas”, “solidity” or “ERC 20”.

You can mint tokens which can be sent and received fee-free, have built-in atomic swaps and are based on nano contracts (an easier and safer implementation of Smart Contracts which connects real-world data).

Hathor is a highly exciting project that is worthy further research.

To learn more about Hathor, then visit their website here.

4. CoinMetro

CoinMetro is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange working out of Estonia and is a strong contender for a crypto project to watch in 2021. While the cryptocurrency space has a plethora of services and platforms to exchange digital assets, CoinMetro has a unique product which makes it an interesting subject for further research.

At its core, CoinMetro offers what you may expect from a cryptocurrency exchange: 24/7 support, separate platforms for beginner and pro traders, copy trading with expert traders and margin trading.

Where CoinMetro is different is that it is providing post-trade settlement services for a Central Securities Depository (CSD).

The CSD allows issuance of security tokens through its platform,

This represents the first and only time that security tokens have been issued, settled and traded on an end-to-end capital markets infrastructure that was made specifically for digital assets. For further information on the CSD and CoinMetro’s role, check out this article.

CoinMetro is making fundraising process affordable, cost-effective and accessible for platforms through the connecting of investors across national borders.

In fact, CoinMetro has tokenised their own platform so you can own a piece of the exchange and be involved in its growth.

Imagine investing in Coinbase equity back in 2013. This was not an option for average investors. In fact, this was an option for only a select few with deep pockets. Today Coinbase is worth €8 billion.


This is one to watch in 2021.

To learn more about CoinMetro, then visit their website here.

And that’s our rundown on crypto projects to watch in 2021. If you’d like to nominate another project (and we know that there are many more out there) then give us a follow on Twitter and keep an eye out for a follow-up post. We are always interested in reviewing exciting projects in the crypto space.

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